Monday, July 5, 2010

Fassion Falsehoods

I am an avid consumer of all things fashion - fashion magazines, TV shows on fashion and style, books on fashion - you get the picture...

These sources LOVE giving out fashion advice to the masses, however, it has become abundantly clear to me that many of these "pearls of wisdom" were fakes! These falsehoods have now been passed down from fashion editor to fashion editor as gospel truth, when in fact they are not. They have become engraved in our fashion lexicon and I cringe when I see unsuspecting women adhering to the "laws of fashion" laid down by these false prophets.

In actuality, many pf these Fassion Falsehoods do not apply to the everyday woman and I would like to try to replace them all, one by one (as I think of them) with Fassion Facts

Fassion Falsehood #1 - Empire waists can camouflage a less than flat tummy(An empire waist is one that is cut in higher than your natural waist.)

Fassion Fact - In reality, empire waists only cover a protruding tummy in SOME body types. In others, an empire waist can be downright unflattering and even emphasize a belly.

If you carry your weight in your lower abdomen, of if most of your problem area is below your belly Button (most pear shaped women) then an empire waist may work for you. In this cut, because the waist line is high (right under your chest) and flares out, it should skim over your lower abdomen hiding it.

If you carry most of your weight in your upper abdomen, however or if your problem area is above your belly button (most apple shaped bodies), then an empire cut is a disastrous choice. The cinched in area right below your breasts can exaggerate your upper belly bulge and even make you look pregnant!!! This effect is made worse if the material is very thin or very stuff.

If you are blessed with a bra size that is larger than a C cup, then the problem is compounded! The waist line may not extend far enough down to contain a larger chest or if it does, your breast may jut out unattractively.

Bottom line! Do not assume that because a magazine article or fashion guru says that something will look good on you that it will. You need to try everything on before you buy it, looking at yourself from every angle or solicit the advice of a good friend with good taste who will not lie to you.

Happy Shopping!