Saturday, December 5, 2015

Future Fashion

So, the question was put to me.   What will fashion look like 50-100 years into the future?  I really started thinking about this.  Hard!!!  Truth is, we haven't done that well at imagining future fashion.  We tend to imagine it in relation to the way things are today.  I saw a 1950s picture of a design imagined for car hops of the 21st century.  It never occurred to folks that there would not be car hops in the 21st century!!!
There are some designers that may be getting it right though.  One of them is Lie Sang Bong, a Korean designer that uses sustainable fabrics that block UV rays or have some other functionality such as water storage, 

Then there are those who are trying to prepare us for climate change

Or space travel

Not sure why I have the cat in there!!! 

Or the girls....

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