Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fassion Icon Carolina Herrera and my quest for the crisp white shirt

Last February, the spouse and I went to Vegas. This was a first time visit for him and he went pretty insane with the camera. He is an artist so the bright lights and over the top theatrics put him in heaven. For me, the biggest thrill of the visit was , not the lights, not the shows (we went to see Lion King and Zumanity) but then visit to the Carolina Herrera Flagship store that had just opened two months before *December 2009) on the strip.

Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan designer who designed her first line in 1980 at 42 years old. She origfinally wanted to design textiles and has credited her foray into clothing to Diane Vreeland, the famed Vogue editor who encouraged her to "go for it"! Her daywear clothing is very chic "ladies who lunch" wear and her evening gowns are classic and impeccably tailored. She pays a great deal of attention to the "innards " of a garment understanding that a good foundation is key to a great fitting dress, suit, or skirt. She is also a proponent of the virtues of the crisp white shirt which has become her trademark.

I personally have not had as much luck with the crisp white shirt. While I am not an overly busty woman, finding a shirt that does not gap has been a challenge and when I do buy one in a big enough size to not be embarrassing, it is usually way too big at the shoulders and arms. Crisp white shirts do not appear to stay crisp or white for very long either. I have tried hand washing, with bleach, without bleach, drycleaning, with starch, without starch and finally decided that you have to be rich enough to just throw away a white shirt after two washings and just buy another one if dingy yellow shirt is not the look you are going for.

To date I have bought white shirts from Gap, H&M, AnnTaylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Express, The Limited, INC, Michael Michael Kors all to no avail., Carolina reportedly buys her shirts from Banana Republic, but I have not had much luck with those either. I have also been told that soaking a white shirt in vinegar the first time you wash it helps it stay white longer. doesn't but it sure makes you smell vinegary.

So the quest for the crisp white shirt continues inspired by Carolina Herrera, one of my Fassion Icons

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