Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is a Fassionista

Simply someone with a passion for fashion and that would be me! I adore fashion. To me it is the most artistic form of self expression. It is an artform of ultimate committment. You become the canvas for your performance art.

People are always asking me questions about my "style". To me, that question is for those who view clotjhing as something that covers their body from day to day. My style changes with my moods. On days that I feel classic my style is classic; on days I feel funky, my style is funky.

I enjoy dressing myself and others. So many people have no idea what they look good in and if they ask for my help I am happy to oblige.

I also love costuming. Halloween, Carnival, Fourth of July, you name it. If I can find a reason to wear a costume I will. I spend days designing them and enjoy sharing the outcomes

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